The joy of gardening in France Supporting Open Gardens Jardins Ouverts

The joy of gardening in France Supporting Open Gardens Jardins Ouverts

The joy of gardening in France Supporting Open Gardens Jardins OuvertsThe joy of gardening in France Supporting Open Gardens Jardins Ouverts


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 The last Rose group meeting of 2019 was held at the home of Sheila and Mike Harris.

The main aim was to do the ordering of rose plants from the UK which Ariane is kindly organising this year. Please Note : the order will arrive in late November/ December so anyone still wanting to order must contact Ariane quickly. 

Eight of us gathered to discuss and enjoy a delicious tea, especially the carrot cake! Thanks to Annie Key  for the photography. Whilst no one had many roses left to show, a few were still in bloom in Sheila’s garden.

We look forward to 2020 and the potential of our new plants flowering well.



Dear all,

Just six of us met up, apart from Ariane and myself, Sheila Harris, Joy Collett, Lucy Shepherd, and Helen Gray. Sadly our specimens of  roses were in short supply after the long, hot summer. My roses have all been ravaged by the deer, electric fence next year! But Ariane’s garden looked amazing, very green and verdant, some lovely Queen Elizabeth roses everywhere, as well as red and yellow roses still blooming. We enjoyed a most delicious tea, and mainly talked about which roses we would like to order at the next Rose group meeting .

 Joy is going to redo a bed in her garden, and would like a white rose, not more that 1 m high, and I would like a deep yellow climbing Rose. Sheila suggested “ Bathsheba” (see picture) which is very vigorous. So many suggestions were made, for pots Lucy recommended “ Sevilliana” which has flowered all summer, and Helen said both “ Ivors Rose” and “Baronne Edmond de Rothschild that is a lovely pink and white climber, have flowered all summer. (See illustrations below).

Carelle Sherwood


on Tuesday October 15th at 3 pm at Sheila Harris lovely home.


Sheila and Michael Harris hosted sixteen Rose Group members at their delightful home and garden, on the first glorious afternoon for a while. As you can see from the photographs the table was loaded with colour and perfume.  

Nevilee brought Jardin de Granville and Burgandy Ice, and Janet a David Austin rose.

Jane’s bouquet included Generous Gardener, Teasing Georgia and Crown Princess Margarita.  Lucy had  Rugusa's, Versuvius, rambling rector, and more. James and Helen Gray bought Summer sweetheart, Rose Gaujard, Twice in a Blue Moon, Hot chocolate, Peacekeeper, Beatrix potter, and Rural England.

Jane and Richard brought Wisley, Desdemona, Simply Sally and Elaine Savage had a beautiful selection from Winchester Cathedral, le Notre, Perfume Royal, Masquerade, Pierre de Ronsard, Golden wedding, Happiness, James Galway, Queen Elizabeth.  Ariane’s blooms were Sentimental, Blue Eden while Michael brought Blush beauty, Princess Alex of Kent, and Marilyn Monroe. 

From Cilla’s garden came Pacific dream, Kimono, Pierre de Ronsard, and Burgandy ice. Joy’s selection was L' aimant, Desdemona, and Jardin d Granville.  Helen had blooms of J de G, Papa Mielland, Gruss van Archan.  Martin’s four lovely roses came from his new garden, and he is looking for identification, inspiration and new ideas?

Carelle’s roses were Etoile de Holland, Paul scarlet, For your eyes only, Pink petue, and Graham Thomas.

Sheila and Mike gave us an amazing tea, with artistic open sandwiches and blueberry cake.