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September Harvest lunch


Prize winning entries

Given the extreme conditions for all our gardeners this year every entry was to be congratulated.

List of  the winners in each class follows the Photo Gallery below.


Squash and pumpkins

Winner was Meryl Evans


Vegetable Baskets

Winner was Lynda Creegan



Best in Show - Carelle

3  x Tomatoes - Meryl Evans

6 x Beans  -Joy Collett

3 x Potatoes - Joy Collett

3 x Courgettes - Carelle Sherwood

1 lettuce - Gary Shipley

1 squash or pumpkin - Meryl Evans

Basket/box of 5 different vegetables-  Lynda Creegan

Most unusual vegetable - Carelle Sherwood

Mixed herbs - Carelle Sherwood

Plate of fruit (s)-  Sue Bateman

1 stem rose or roses - Carelle Sherwood

Vase or arrangement of flowers - Carelle Sherwood

Jar of fruit jam or conserve - Cilla Pickett

Jar of chutney or pickle - Helen Eyles